Become a Certified Industrial Sterilization Specialist

An industrial sterilization specialist has expertise in the science of sterilization (including but not limited to microbiology, physics, and chemistry), knowledge of sterilization processing, quality management systems, risk management and regulatory requirements. The CISS program is a two-test process

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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

This course focuses on participants who are experienced in working with an established ethylene oxide sterilization process but are now challenged with ensuring the continued effectiveness and assessing change for the product or process.


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    Industrial Sterilization

    Learn about the latest sterilization technologies, methods, standards, FDA requirements, designs, and product release decisions, as well as how to apply sterilization meet requirements during product design.

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      Radiation Sterilization for Medical Devices

      Understand the FDA's expectations regarding successful submissions and inspections, recalls, problem solving, and risk avoidance, as well as the principles of radiation sterilization and 11137 series of radiation sterilization standards.

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        February 7-10