Maintain Your ACI Certification

Maintaining your ACI certification is comprised of three main steps:

  1. Earn at least 30 CEUs from the six approved categories during the 3-year reporting period.
  2. Document the CEUs with supporting documentation in the online CEU Journal which can be accessed via your AAMI profile.
  3. Submit at least 30 CEUs of activities to have your journal reviewed and approved.
  4. Once approved, your renewal payment can be made in your My Orders tab.  

Example activities to earn CEUs include receiving certifications, participating in leadership roles, developing educational content (e.g., publishing an article), attending or teaching a course, and more.

Earn continuing education units with AAMI!

Visit the AAMI Store to search for in-person classes and webinars that count towards professional recertification. ACI also has a list of CEU Pre-Approved training opportunities from host organizations around the nation.

Pre- Approved CEUs

ACI Recertification Categories

CEUs must be related to the current content outline for the designation held by the certificant.

Category I: Earn an additional HTM-related certification (maximum CEUs allowed in this category is 15)

The following earns 5 CEUs per certification:

  • HTM related certifications including ACI certification programs (CBET, CHTM, CISS), and CCE

The following designations earn 2 CEUs per certification:

  • Healthcare-related Certifications (such as CHSP, CQSP, CMLT, dialysis certifications)
  • Technology-related Certification (such as A+, NET+, S+, MSCE, CET)
  • Business Certifications (such as CPM)

Category II: Leadership roles (maximum CEUs allowed in this category is 15)

Paid or volunteer positions on HTM-related and healthcare committees, workgroups, or appointments (outside your position description) such as the following:

  • ACI Certification Board
  • ACI Exam Committees (non-item writing committees)
  • HTM Society Role
  • Hospital Committee
  • Hospital/healthcare association roles (such as AHA, ACHE)
  • Engineering or technical association roles (such as ASHE, HIMSS, ASCP)
  • Volunteer activities (HTM related missions)

Four CEUs are earned for 30 or more hours per year.

2 CEUs are earned for under 30 hours of less per year.

Category III: Development of educational content (maximum CEUs allowed in this category is 15)

  • Writing items for ACI – 5 items equals 1 CEU
  • Write a published opinion-based article (minimum of 500+ words) – 1 CEU
  • Write a published peer-reviewed article (minimum of 1,200-1,500 words) – 3 CEUs
  • Write a published technical article (minimum of 1,200-1,500 words) – 3 CEUs
  • Write a book – 1 chapter equals 3 CEUs

Category IV: Professional Development (minimum CEUs needed in this category is 15 – No Maximum)

The following activities equal one (1) CEU per hour of attendance.

  • Attending education class (such as AAMI course)
  • Attending an in-service (documented), vendor presentation or vendor school
  • Attending a webinar (live or recorded)
  • HTM Conferences (seminars/sessions)

The following activities earn two (2) CEUs for presentation or teaching.

  • Presenting a webinar
  • Teaching an education class/seminar
  • Presenting a technical paper

Courses indirectly related to the HTM field (such as communication, management, accounting) earn 0.5 CEUs per hour of attendance.

Category V: College or university courses (maximum CEUs allowed in this category is 15)

Courses must be directly related to obtaining an accredited degree (AA, BS, MBA, PHD, etc.) and directly related to the HTM profession (included on the exam content outlines) to receive credit. Students must receive a grade of "C" or above and must supply a copy of their transcript as proof of attendance to submit a college course.

  • Attending a course – 1 CEU for 10 hours of class time
  • Teaching a course – 3 CEUs for 10 hours of teaching time

Category VI: Work experience (maximum CEUs allowed in this category is 6)

  • Full time employment (working in the HTM field – 1.5 CEU per year
  • Part-time employment or Military Reserve Duty (working in the HTM Field) – 0.5 CEUs per year