Ethylene Oxide Sterilization-new2021-01


This highly interactive 3.5-day, advanced course is designed for professionals experienced in working with an ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization process but are now challenged with ensuring effectiveness and assessing change for the product or process. This online course incorporates real-life scenarios to illustrate concepts and give participants the opportunity to apply what they learn to actual sterilization scenarios. Participants will learn how to improve development and routine turn-around time of EO processes; how to execute changes to product, equipment, and sterilizer location; how to determine if validation or requalification is necessary; and how to troubleshoot cycle anomalies. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • validation and requalification;
  • validation reports, protocols, and documentation;
  • product adoption;
  • troubleshooting;
  • process changes and process equivalency;
  • product release methods;
  • and optimization of sterilization process.



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  • August 29 to September 1, 2022 Register