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  • AAMI News, May 2020, Vol. 55, No. 5

    ANews_Home_MayIssue Highlights

    • Collaborative COVID-19 Response Brings Out the Best in HTM
    • AAMI, BSI Recommendations for Machine Learning
    • Potential Implications of the MDR Delay 
    • Upcoming Efforts to Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity
    Focus On: Cybersecurity
  • AAMI News, April 2020, Vol. 55, Issue 4

    Issue Highlights

    • AAMI Coronavirus Resources
    • FDA Pilots eSTART Program for Premarket Submissions
    • AAMI Education Rethinks the Education Experience
    • Olympus and Amplifire Team Up for Endoscope Processing
    Focus On: Sterilization
  • AAMI News, March 2020, Vol. 55, Issue 3
    Virtual Reality

    Issue Highlights

    • HTM Professionals Build and Implement VR Training Programs
    • FDA Reclassifies Medical Image Analyzers
    • AAMI Nominates Members for Board of Directors
    • Tech World: The Potential of Wearable Health Technology Devices

    Focus On: Medical Alarms

  • AAMI News, February 2020, Vol. 55, Issue 2
    Soft SkillsIssue Highlights
    • What You Need to Know About the New MDS2
    •  Medical Device Community Braces for Brexit
    • First Fully Disposable Duodenoscope Receives FDA Clearance
    • Health Technology Alliance: New Energy, New Activities
    Focus On: Soft Skills
  • AAMI News, January 2020, Vol. 55, Issue 1
    Robotic Assisted SurgeryIssue Highlights
    • Navigating E.U. Regulatory Reorganization under MDR
    • Recruiting the Next Generation with 'HTM in a Box'
    • A Call for More Detailed Metal Implant Labeling
    • More Innovators Enter the Robotic Space
    Focus On: Robotics
  • AAMI News, December 2019, Vol. 54, No. 12
    2019 in ReviewIssue Highlights
    • 2019—The Year in Review
    • FDA to Focus on Lowering Ethylene Oxide Emissions
    • CDRH Quality Pilot Expands to Noncompliant Manufacturers
    • AAMI's Healthcare Technology Collection Puts Innovation on Display
    Focus on: The Year in Review
  • AAMI News, November 2019, Vol. 54, No. 11

    Issue HighlightsAugmented Reality

    • FDA Outlines Details of Proposed ASCA Pilot Program
    • Ambulatory Surgery Centers: A Growing Medical Device Market
    • FDA Encourages Patient Engagement in Device Development
    • New Augmented Reality Imaging Tool Helps Guide Surgeons

    Focus On: Imaging

  • AAMI News, October 2019, Volume 54, Issue 10
    SterilizationIssue Highlights
    • What Does It Mean to Design for Failure?
    • AAMI Foundation Embarks on New Direction
    • FDA Guidance Considers Uncertainty in Benefit-Risk Determination
    • AAMI, ISO Publish Sterilization Standards for Packaging

    Focus On: Sterilization

  • AAMI News September 2019, Volume 54, Issue 9

    Hurricane SeasonIn this issue:

    • For Hurricane Season, FDA Offers Safety Tips for Medical Devices
    • New Type of AAMI Resource Aims to Address Need for Rapid Guidance
    • FDA Announces Two Innovation Challenges for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Alternatives
    • AAMI Nominee Wins IEC Young Professionals Competition
    Focus On: HTM Education and Development