Appendix A: Prepurchase Questionnaire



Example Prepurchase Questionnaire for a Wi-Fi-Enabled Device

Question YesNo
1. Does the Wi-Fi adapter/device support the 5 GHz frequency band?   
2. Does the Wi-Fi adapter/device support WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access) AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with Enterprise Authentication EAP-TLS (Extensible Authentication Protocol—Transport Layer Security)?  
3. Does the Wi-Fi adapter/device support SHA-2 (256 bit) certificates for network authentication?  
4. Does the Wi-Fi adapter/device support 802.11r (Fast Transition for 802.1x)?  
5. Does the Wi-Fi adapter/device support 802.11k (Neighbor List)?  
6. Does the Wi-Fi adapter/device support 802.11v (Transition Control
7. Any restrictions on DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) or 802.11h channel
8. Any restrictions with channel bonding?   
9. Any restrictions with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)?  
10. Any restrictions with DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)?  
11. Does the device require static IP address?  
12. Any restrictions for using hidden SSIDs (Service Set Identifier/No Broadcast)?   
13. Does your device support the updated regulatory -B domain for the U.S.
(channels and adjusted power settings)?
14. Does your device support IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6)?  
15. Can your device be set to a specific frequency band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)?  
16. Is the wireless adapter 802.11ac capable?  
17. Does the medical device require its own router to connect to the wireless
network infrastructure?
Additional (Open) Ended Questions  
18. Do you have a technical data specification for your devices with a recommended configurations guide? If so, please attach. 
19. Any known interoperability bugs or issues with [hospital] production [IT equipment vendor] WLC (wireless LAN controller) code (at present [current WLC code version], subject to change)? 
20. Any advanced WLAN configuration settings recommended (i.e., such as DTIM)? 
21. Does your medical device/app have an interoperability guide? If so, please attach. 
22. Do you have a central management solution to manage the configurations? 
23. Will your devices work with any MDM (mobile device management) solutions (i.e., AirWatch, Intune)? 
24. What is the recommended RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) for your device to roam between wireless APs? 
25. What are the QoS (Quality of Service/WMM/802.11e) requirements, if any? 
26. Is your wirelessly connected device classified as an FDA Class I, II, or III device? 
27. Does the wirelessly connected device have any latency requirements? Does it use Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/IP or User Datagram Protocol (UDP)? 
28. Any additional technical specifications/data that need to be shared?