Test Method Validation


This subject has been called many names, such as Measurement System Analysis (MSA) and Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility (GR&R). There is an international standard for MSA. Whatever you call the effort, with a successful implementation you will minimize the risks of rejecting good product and shipping defective product. 

This two-part workshop will cover: set up, sample sizes, metrics for success, and diagnosing & fixing problems. Practical application of valid statistical software will be illustrated. The material is aimed at quality managers, design & process engineers, quality engineers, and practitioners. The presenter’s “keep-it-simple” approach will avoid statistical complexity – participants do NOT need to have a background in statistics.

Part 1: Variable Measurement Systems

Part 2: Attribute Measurement Systems

Both parts will provide a "User's Manual".


Be able to quickly analyze results, diagnose problems, and improve a measurement system

  • Learn the quality metrics and industry standards used to evaluate the effectiveness of a measurement system
  • Know how to interpret the output from popular statistical software tools 
  • Learn some techniques to deal with destructive testing
  • Understand how to apply this valuable methodology in Design Control and Process Validation

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is targeted to professionals concerned with the application of valid statistical tools and methods to meet the requirements of the FDA's Quality System Regulation. As such, the content should have great value to individuals in industry and the FDA who are involved with: research and development; new product development; process development; manufacturing, process, and quality engineering; operations; quality assurance; and regulatory compliance. In addition, managers and members of the leadership team will see how value is added to a product or process by applying this valuable methodology.

Virtual Training Information

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Peter L. Knepel

President of Peak Quality Services

Dr. Peter Knepell is the President of Peak Quality Services. He is a Certified Master Black Belt (MBB), Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), and Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE). He has broad industry experience helping firms adopt Lean Six Sigma quality systems and meet FDA-regulatory requirements. In the mid-1990s, Pete assisted the FDA with the introduction of their Quality System Regulation. Pete has presented over 30 webinars and is on AAMI’s faculty for: Valid Statistical Techniques, Design of Experiments, and Process Validation.