AAMI's Healthcare Technology Leadership Committee (HTLC) is an advisory committee of healthcare technology management (HTM) thought leaders who work directly with AAMI's vice president of HTM to advance and support the HTM field. This 17-member group seeks to develop the next generation of HTM leaders by nurturing leadership skills among HTM professionals and advancing the professional interests of HTM managers. The TMC’s work is driven by AAMI’s strategic plan and the HTM Road Map, developed by AAMI leadership.


HTLC Group Photo

HTLC Members agree to:

  • Be an AAMI member.
  • Attend quarterly committee meetings.
  • Participate in AAMI's Mentorship Program
  • Share news about AAMI and/or committee projects and deliverables with local HTM associations, their employer, and other interested parties.
  • Deliver at least one presentation per year promoting the HTM field to today's youth.
  • Contribute to the AAMIBlog or another AAMI publication at least once during their three-year term.