Medical Device Cybersecurity 101 for HTM Professionals

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Medical Device Cybersecurity 101 for HTM Professionals (April 2024)

Apr 23 to Apr 25, 2024


Today the news is inundated with stories about cybersecurity compromised businesses, public services, and government operations.  Among those we often hear as being compromised are hospitals and healthcare-related organizations.  When compromises to healthcare organizations do occur, they have frequently shut down a department’s or an entire organization’s operations so that their ability to deliver healthcare and even patient safety can be adversely affected in a severe way.

While advancements in medical technology in recent years have led to great improvements in healthcare delivery, those same technology advancements are also creating new cybersecurity risks that, if not properly mitigated, could produce disastrous effects for healthcare organizations and their patients.  The first step in mitigating the growing cybersecurity risks associated with medical technology is to educate the CE/HTM community.


Over six hours and 22 sessions, the AAMI Medical Device Cybersecurity Educational Program for HTM Professionals is designed to provide attendees with:

  • a general understanding of today's growing cyber threat landscape as well as cybersecurity concepts and terminology
  • an appreciation of the medical device cybersecurity risks that exist today
  • an understanding of the processes necessary for implementing an effective medical device security risk management program
  • a familiarity with regulations as well as appropriate standards and guidances associated with medical device security and how they should be applied
  • the ability to integrate medical device cybersecurity effectively into an organization’s other information security processes and the organization’s emergency plan


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