HTMLIVE! - 30 Lessons Learned, In My 30 Years In The HTM Industry!

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Over the course of three decades in the healthcare technology management (HTM) industry, I have amassed a wealth of invaluable lessons that have profoundly influenced my journey as an HTM professional. In this webinar, I will share some of these pivotal lessons, including the significance of humility, the importance of a good support system, the power of forgiveness, the virtue of not overthinking, and the recognition that everyone possesses a unique story to tell. These insights, among many others, are just a glimpse into the reservoir of knowledge I have acquired. To thrive in the HTM industry, a commitment to continuous learning is imperative, as these lessons serve as the foundation upon which innovative and effective solutions are built.

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Bryant Hawkins

TRIMEDX and Host of HTM On The Line Podcast