Meetings of the U.S. TAG and meetings of the U.S. delegates to international meetings should be scheduled to respond to international activities. U.S. TAG meetings shall be held, as determined by the chairman/U.S. TAG Administrator or by petition of a majority of the members. U.S. TAGs shall determine for themselves the quorum requirements. The quorum requirements shall be available in writing upon request. The quorum for an AAMI-administered U.S. TAG to and an ISO TC or SC shall consist of those members present at a meeting, either in person or via telephone. For the purpose of voting on ISO documents, the quorum shall consist of those persons responding formally to a request for a voting recommendation. The voting requirements shall be in accordance with clause 7 of these Procedures.

6.1 Open Meetings

Meetings of the U.S. TAG shall be open to all members and others having direct and material interest. At least four weeks' notice of regularly scheduled meetings should be given by the administrator and shall be announced in ANSI's Standards Action or suitable media designed to reach directly and materially affected interests. The notice shall describe the purpose of the meeting and shall identify a readily available source for further information. An agenda shall be available and shall be distributed in advance of the meeting to members and to others expressing interest.