The AAMI Standards Management Platform



AAMI has launched a new platform to support the work of our standards development program called AAMI StMP. This platform offers a modern, intuitive design that greatly increases efficiency and supports your participation in standards development work at AAMI. All Committees and Working Groups are now on AAMI StMP.

Below are a number of resources to assist you in utilizing the platform. Further questions can be directed to or to your committee staff liaison.

You can access the platform here:



Welcome/Landing Page Overview



My Groups Overview



Tasks Overview



Polls/Meetings/Emails Overview



Ballots Overview



FAQ’s and Tips for Use

Commenting on Documents
When commenting on a document: Inline commenting or the comment form may be used for AAMI documents. The comment form MUST be used for international documents.
Document Formatting
All word documents (comment sheets) uploaded into the system must be saved in .docx format.”