Alarm Anthology: Acknowledgments




AAMI and the AAMI Foundation are incredibly grateful to all who participated in this Coalition. We recognize that so much of the work of the infusion therapy initiative was taken on by volunteers who devoted their time, expertise, and passion for enhancing patient safety. Without their commitment, we would not have been able to produce such high-quality research, practical resources, and patient safety seminars to support healthcare organizations and clinicians who use infusion technology in the care of patients.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to several individuals who helped support this Coalition and craft this anthology:

  • Mary Logan, president and CEO emeritus of AAMI, who had the vision to create the coalition and expand the role of the Foundation
  • Marilyn Neder Flack, executive director emeritus of the AAMI Foundation, whose energy and passion are unparalleled, for her ability to encourage others to share their wiser practices for the greater good
  • Jim Piepenbrink, former deputy executive director of the AAMI Foundation, who collected the work of the coalition teams and shepherded the creation of this anthology
  • Sarah Lombardi, former project manager of the AAMI Foundation, who provided incredible organizational support to the coalition
  • Deborah Hille, education operations manager at AAMI, who helped with webinars and meetings and provided database support, and Barbara Saxton, former website director at AAMI, who is a talented editor and who also supported our website
  • Martha Vockley and Jude Lang, principals at Vockley•Lang, for their ability to distill all of the information and deliverables created by our coalition teams into a wonderful resource
  • The AAMI marketing and communications team and other AAMI staff who supported the activities of the coalition


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