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Expecting the Unexpected – Emergency Management 101

In this webinar, Matt Leicester – Emergency Management Coordinator at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center – gives an Emergency Management 101 overview. Topics cover the basics of Emergency Management, the purpose of an Incident Command Center, the importance of tabletop exercises and everything else you need to know about emergency preparedness in healthcare.  The webinar also reviews how and why HTM Professionals play a critical role in incident response plans. 

Matt Leicester, MBA, VaAEM, EMT-P - Emergency Management Coordinator at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center


Emergency Management and HTM

In this webinar, an HTM Director, Angela Bennett, and Safter Officer, Richard Johnson, from Ascension Borgess, sit down and explain how their departments’ long-established collaborative approach between HTM and Emergency Management lead to a strong and successful COVID response at their hospital. This webinar also shares best practices for how HTM professionals can become deeply involved with their hospital’s emergency management program and ways to strengthen this relationship as we navigate the pandemic. (24m 9s)

Angela Bennett, Clinical Engineering Director at Ascension Borgess Health/Trimedx
Richard Johnson MS, CHSP, Safety Officer for Ascension Borgess Health

HTM’s Role in 3D Printing During COVID-19

In this webinar, Elena Buckley – HTM Director for the VA Boston Healthcare System, shares the creative approach her HTM Department took to help frontline clinicians during the pandemic via 3D printing. This webinar stresses the importance of having a multidisciplinary approach and working across multiple service lines to solve problems and why HTM Departments should step up and take on a new responsibilities to help that might not necessarily traditionally be classified as “HTM’s job” (29m 27s)

Elena Buckley, CCE – Service Chief of Clinical Engineering at the VA Boston Healthcare System

HTM – The New Normal: A COVID-19 Pandemic Perspective

In this webinar, Rupert Kishum and Shashi Avadhani from Crothall Healthcare, share their experiences and lessons learned from managing HTM operations in large New York City Hospitals while being in the epicenter of the pandemic this past spring. The webinar shares suggestions for how your HTM Department can be better prepared to manage a COVID surge in your region and what the new normal is for HTM. (26m 27s)

Shashi Avadhani, MBA, CCE  - Regional Vice President at Crothall Healthcare
Rupert Kishum, CBET – Director at Crothall Healthcare

HTM’s Role in COVID Capacity Management Planning

This webinar explains why HTM Leaders need to be positioned as resources that executive leadership have the utmost confidence in for the deployment of equipment and sound decision making during emergency events. Dallas Sutton and Emily Mengel, two HTM Professionals from WakeMed Health, describe their innovative approach to helping their healthcare system quickly adapt and manage the surge of COVID patients via technology implementation and joint capacity management with their health system’s leadership and clinical teams. (34m 34s)

Emily Mengel, MSBME – Health System Clinical Engineer for WakeMed Health
Dallas Sutton, CRES - Clinical Engineering Manager for WakeMed Health