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Bring the BMET Apprenticeship to your organization!

The BMET Apprenticeship is a two-year hybrid program supported through a partnership between AAMI and the U.S. Department of Labor that enables institutions to train new BMETs on-the-job, enhancing the pipeline to the BMET profession.

Nearly 3,000 new biomedical equipment technician positions are expected to be created by 2029, while close to half of the current Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) workforce is over the age of 50.  As more BMETs retire and the number of college programs to train new HTM professionals dwindles, this program comes at a critical time. We invite you to explore the eight-step process to get started. to becoming an employer partner outlined below, and consider participating in this exciting new program to enhance, expand, and elevate your HTM workforce. 


AAMI’s Full Support. 

AAMI is invested in the success of your apprentices and is here to support both employer and employee through the process. Apprentices that complete the program are being certified by AAMI, and we are committed to ensuring that the preparatory education and training received by apprentices is comprehensive and exceptional.


Join the movement. 

More institutions are applying to become BMET Apprentice Employer Partners every day, and you don’t want to miss out on your company getting in on the ground floor of this program, including recognition with your logo on this landing page. 


Candidate Database is forming. 

There has been such a tremendous interest from potential apprentices that AAMI has begun gathering their demographic information to include them in an upcoming database of interested candidates by region to be shared with our employer partners. 


Have a current trainee that would benefit from the program? 

Enroll them as an apprentice, including the ability to fast track through areas of training that they have already mastered. 




Ready to become an employer partner? Explore the eight-step process to get started.





Invest in a pipeline designed to enhance your workforce with credentialed and custom-trained BMETs.



The program's learn-on-the-job approach empowers you with BMETs trained through the lens of your institution's service practices.

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When you invest in developing an apprentice into their new career, they in turn invest back in the company through longer tenure.



There is substantial grant funding available at both the state and federal level for companies who invest in apprenticeship programs.



BMET Apprentices who compete the program are accredited by AAMI, including three industry-recognized credentials: CABT, IT Fundamentals, and CBET (candidate status).

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, apprentices receive a nationally-recognized certificate, jointly issued by AAMI and the U.S. Department of Labor, signifying that the apprentice was trained to AAMI's recommended minimum competencies and standards. 



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Eight steps for employers to become BMET Apprenticeship partners

AAMI is currently partnering with healthcare organizations to launch the BMET apprenticeship!
Follow this 8-step process to become a BMET Apprenticeship employer.


  1. Email to let us know you want to get started.

  2. Review the BMET National Standards of Apprenticeship and Training Objectives .

  3. Ensure a position is available at your organization for an apprentice. Employers can create a position through their organization’s HR department, hire an apprentice into an existing vacancy, or enroll an existing incumbent worker into the apprenticeship program. The hiring, recruiting and vetting of apprentices is 100% the responsibility of the employer. AAMI does not hire apprentices.
  4. Secure funding to support the apprenticeship's required related instruction as outlined on page A-20 of the Training Objectives document. Employers are required to pay for 100% of the apprentice’s required education. See the National Apprenticeship Act of 2021 Factsheet for more information on how the recently passed legislation could help with funding your apprenticeship.
  5. Appoint a mentor/sponsor who will oversee the apprentice’s training and development.
  6. Sign the Employer Agreement and create a wage schedule for the apprentice. Apprentices must receive at least one pay raise during the apprenticeship. A sample wage schedule can be found on page A-2 of the Training Objectives document.
  7. Email the signed Employer Agreement and wage schedule to for approval and registration with the Department of Labor.
  8. Start hiring, enrolling and training your apprentices!  







Interested in Becoming a BMET Apprentice? Fill out this form!


AAMI is currently partnering with employers to establish BMET Apprenticeships. 

Check back soon for a list of participating employers!


Contact AAMI, at, for more information.