The Dangers of a Good Thing

Multiple IV infusions are a common sight in hospitals, bringing both benefits and risks to patients. Understanding the complexity of managing these infusions can reduce the risk for medication errors—a complimentary AAMI Foundation guide provides crucial safety tips.



Where Do Standards Fit in a Changing World?

Join AAMI, BSI, and the FDA for a two-day symposium this April that will shed light on the evolving global regulatory structure and the implications for the makers of medical technology.



Fighting a Deadly Problem

What role do medical devices and the environment of care play in the fight against healthcare-associated infections or HAIs? Find out in a new report from AAMI.

Join Us in Austin!

Registration is now open for the AAMI Annual Conference & Expo in June.   Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, connect with peers, and see the latest innovations and advances in healthcare technology.