Healthcare Technology Management

As vital members of the healthcare delivery team, it's important that HTM professionals have the tools to lead the way with health technology.

Medical Device Cybersecurity 101 for HTM Professionals

Over three 2-hour sessions, the AAMI Medical Device Cybersecurity Educational Program for HTM Professionals is designed to provide attendees with:

  • a general understanding of today's growing cyber threat landscape as well as cybersecurity concepts and terminology
  • an appreciation of the medical device cybersecurity risks that exist today
  • an understanding of the processes necessary for implementing an effective medical device security risk management program
  • a familiarity with regulations as well as appropriate standards and guidances associated with medical device security and how they should be applied
  • the ability to integrate medical device cybersecurity effectively into an organization’s other information security processes and the organization’s emergency plan



CHTM Study Course Online

Join the 4 session CHTM Study Course that will be held every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:00PM-9:00PM Eastern starting Tuesday, October 10th and ending Thursday, October 19th. These intensive online sessions will cover each area of the CHTM exam outline with opportunity to interact with our two CHTM certified instructors.


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BMET 101: A CABT Prep Course

This 6 module eLearning course uses expert developed content, interactive practice tools, and pre/post-assessments to educate those interested in learning the introductory areas of the HTM field. The areas covered in this course align with those tested in the AAMI Certified Associate in Biomedical Technology (CABT) program.



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Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) Study Course

This self-paced online course allows you to navigate the content areas of the CBET exam via an interactive, comprehensive modular eLearning experience. Each of the modules begins with a knowledge assessment of 10-15 questions and ends with a practice exam of 30 questions. This gives learners an idea of how much time/effort they may need to allocate to each module.  

This eight-session course covers each of the Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician exam's topic area, including

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Public safety in the healthcare facility
  • Fundamentals of electricity and electronics
  • Healthcare technology and function
  • Healthcare technology problem-solving
  • Healthcare information technology