October 2020 AAMI Sterilization Standards Meetings


The October 2020 AAMI Sterilization Standards meetings will be held virtually (web/phone ONLY) during October 13-16 and 26-29. There will not be a formal registration process for these meetings, however, attendees are asked to sign into meetings using their full names. Web meeting details are provided below, organized by date. Members of the AAMI Sterilization Standards Committee and affiliated working groups that are meeting can also find the web meeting details in the “Events” area of respective group’s site in AAMI Committee Central.


Group members will need to download their respective groups’ meeting documents from AAMI Committee Central. Meeting agendas are publicly accessible, as AAMI standards committee and working group meetings are open to the public to observe.


For general questions or assistance, please contact sterilization@aami.org.


October 2020 Sterilization Standards Opening Plenary

(ST - Sterilization Standards Committee)


October 2020 Sterilization Standards New Participant Orientation

(ST - Sterilization Standards Committee)


ST-WG 83 - Reusable surgical textiles processing WG


ST-WG 15 - Assurance of Sterility


ST-WG 01 - Industrial EO sterilization WG


ST-WG 08 - Microbiological methods WG


ST-WG 95 - Water quality for reprocessing medical devices


ST-WG 96 - Compatibility of materials subj to sterilization


ST-WG 86 - Quality systems for device processing WG


ST-WG 84 - Endoscope reprocessing WG


ST-WG 61 - Chemical sterilants hospital practices WG


AAMI October 2020 Sterilization Standards Closing Plenary and US TAG to ISO/TC 198 Web Meeting

(ST - Sterilization Standards Committee )