Standards FAQs

Standards FAQs

Thank you for your interest in AAMI standards. We have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions. Please click on the FAQ category below to see if your question is listed. If not, you are welcome to fill out our new Standards Question Form, and we will get back to you within three business days.

PLEASE NOTE: While AAMI staff can provide general assistance in identifying appropriate resources to address inquiries, we are not healthcare technology experts; we cannot and will not provide interpretations of AAMI standards or guidance beyond what is addressed in the standards, and we will not provide advice on the application of standards content to particular practices or situations. Any general information provided should not be considered a substitute for expert or legal advice. 

FAQ Categories


  • AAMI ConnectIf you’re an AAMI member, you can post your question on AAMI Connect to ask other facilities how they have handled similar situations.

  • AAMI Buyers GuideYou can also refer to our Buyers Guide for a list of subject matter experts.