Submit a New Work Item Proposal


Authorization must be obtained from the Standards Board before a new committee can be chartered or an existing AAMI committee can undertake substantive new work.

The Standards Board has identified the following criteria as essential to evaluating the need for establishing a new committee and/or initiating new programs of work under the auspices of an existing committee:

  1. The standard, recommended practice, or other technical publication has been determined to be high priority based on clinical/health care needs.
  2. There is not a more appropriate technical organization willing and able to do the work.
  3. The proposed work program has sufficient financial support, through membership revenue, cost reimbursement, voluntary contributions, government contracts/grants, or other sources of funding, and following completion, through generation of revenue (for example, document sales).
  4. The project contemplated is within the scope of the committee or within AAMI's general scope of work and does not duplicate work undertaken elsewhere.
  5. There are a substantial number of individual, institutional, and corporate members of AAMI willing to participate in the proposed new committee or program of work.


An Application for New Projects should be completed and returned to the AAMI Standards Department. Proposals will be sent to the appropriate AAMI committee for review and recommendation to the Standards Board, or if the proposed new work is outside the scope of AAMI's current program and a new committee would have to be established, the application will be submitted directly to the Standards Board. The individual or committee submitting the proposal for new work will be advised in writing of the Standards Board decision.

For established committees, the Standards Board may choose to waive formal written proposals for new work and rely on informal consultation with staff and the committee leadership.

New Work Item Proposal Form