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As healthcare becomes more complex, accreditation is one way to demonstrate and showcase competencies of a strong educational program. It strengthens the public confidence in educational institutions providing highly qualified HTM professionals for healthcare systems.


A new committee has been formed called the Healthcare Technology Accreditation Activities Committee (HTAC).  The group is responsible for the program-specific accreditation activities associated with ABET.  The group strives to strengthen the academic experiences of HTM professionals, and promotes collaboration among educators.  Made up of a chair and three additional members, the current chair is Steven J. Yelton, PE, CHTM.

Activities include:

  • Advocating for the development and advancement of HTM education worldwide.
  • Communicating with our constituencies and the public regarding educational program development, implementation, and delivery.
  • Anticipating and preparing for the changing environment and the future needs of constituencies.

AAMI Educator Resources

  • AAMI Connect—collaborate with other educators to share best practices, get new ideas, and discuss concepts! 
  • Accreditation—ensure quality with institutional accreditation.
  • Become a program evaluator—learn more about becoming part of the program through accreditation roles related to AAMI.
  • HTM-related programs—find other educators on this interactive state map.
  • Resources to recruit students—explore the wide variety of useful videos, fact sheets and websites that can help you encourage potential students to enroll in your program.