What is certification?

The ACI Certification for the Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) is a formal recognition by the AAMI Crendentials Institute of healthcare technology management professionals whose practice reflects a high degree of knowledge about medical devices and clinical practice as well as skill in implementing electro-mechanical repair and maintenance of devices used in the delivery of healthcare.

Why become certified?

In today's healthcare market, technology is paramount. The need for a workforce knowledgeable in the theory of operation, underlying physiological principles, and safe application of biomedical equipment is a central concern of many hospitals and companies. Certification demonstrates that successful applicants have the knowledge to ensure a safe, reliable healthcare environment. It also demonstrates to employers a significant commitment to career and competence.

What kinds of certifications are there?

The ACI maintains the certification programs for biomedical equipment technicians (CBET), radiology equipment specialists (CRES), and laboratory equipment specialists (CLES). More certifications will be added in the future.

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