Standards Developer Award


Awarded to up to five people annually for major contribution(s) to the development or revision of a specific AAMI standard or international (ISO or IEC) standard under development by an international committee or subcommittee administered by AAMI, or for ongoing contribution(s) or service towards notable advances in standards development. Chairs of the originating committee for a standard are invited to consider nominating any major contributors to the efforts for recognition by AAMI. A public call for nominations also will be issued. Staff nominations (if any) are considered at the discretion of the selection committee. Selection is by the AAMI Standards Board. Awardees receive a plaque that is presented at the AAMI Annual Meeting or other appropriate meeting.

Selection Criteria

  1. Marked leadership and/or unusually productive service that has enhanced the prestige, standing or interests of, a particular AAMI-administered national or international technical committee(s).
  2. Outstanding contributions in the areas of research or testing, leading to new or revised standards.
  3. Development of an educational product or program or publication (book, article, blogs, etc) that benefits the work of an AAMI or ISO/IEC technical committee.

Nominations Must Include

  1. Completed and signed nomination form
  2. Three letters of support for the nominee that detail the individuals’ involvement and service. Letters should be thorough and persuasive.
  3. CV or Resume

Nomination deadline

The deadline for 2020 nominations is January 6, 2020. To submit a nomination, complete this online form

For more information, contact

Standards Developer Awards
2018 Nancy Chobin 2013  Richard Ward, PhD
2018 Kelly Coleman 2012  Barry F. J. Page
2018 Conor Curtin 2011  Pat Baird
2018 John Kowalski 2011  Carl Pantiskas
2017 Denny Treu 2011  Nathaniel Sims, MD
2017 Charles Hancock 2011  Matthew B. Weinger, MS, MD
2017 Anita Sawyer 2010  Mike Scholla, PhD
2017 Damien Berg 2010  David Osborn
2017 Richard Schule 2009  Trabue D. Bryans
C. Phillip Cogdill 2009  Harry F. Bushar, PhD
Dr. John Hedley-Whyte 2009  James Gibson
Dr. Byron Lambert 2009  Veronica Ivans
Harold (Hal) Yeager 2008  Joyce Hansen
2016 Mike Schmidt 2008  Klaus Neuder, MD
2015 Ramona Conner and Cynthia Spry 2008  Ed Kimmelman
2015 Alan Tallentire 2007  Lee Fischbach
2015 J. S. (Stan) Wiley 2007  Ronald Easterling
Ajit Yoganathan, PhD 2007  Charles Sidebottom
2014 Richard Bancroft 2007  James Whitby
2014 Eamon Hoxey, PhD 2007  James Whitby
2014 Ron Reitan    
2013 Philip Schneider