The AAMI Foundation & TRIMEDX John D. Hughes Award

This award recognizes an individual who pushes the boundaries of the HTM professional and demonstrates individual excellence, achievement, and leadership.

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • The ability for professionally challenge a commonly held perspective or position that results in moving an HTM program forward.
  • A dedication to achievement in the HTM field.
  • Significant contribution(s) to an important issue(s) facing their organization and/or the industry as a whole that push the general thinking or position currently in place.
  • Leadership and a professional commitment to the field by writing articles for industry publications, participating in committees, and speaking at industry events.

Candidates should demonstrate:

  • Leadership in promoting the profession to the C-suite, clinicians, prospective students, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Evidence of HTM leadership and excellence in the workplace through, for example, contributions to management improvements, patient care, cost savings, or improvement in the use or impact of technology.

Nominators may submit evidence of activities relevant to this award and to the candidate's achievements.

Thanks to the generous support of TRIMEDX, this award includes a plaque and a $1,000 check to be presented at the 2020 AAMI Exchange in New Orleans, LA.

The deadline for 2020 nominations is January 17, 2020. To submit a nomination, fill out this online form

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AAMI Foundation & TRIMEDX John D. Hughes Award Winners

  • 2019 - Binseng Wang