Horizons: Cyber Vigilance: Keeping Healthcare Technology Safe and Secure in a Connected World

Healthcare technology is growing more connected and interdependent than ever before. While these advancements provide essential tools to expand the reach and effectiveness of healthcare treatment and delivery, this interconnectedness also creates a tantalizing target for cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals are ever-present yet unseen foes. They can attack healthcare technology in three main ways: assaulting the integrity of the data, capturing (and sometimes ransoming) protected health information, or hijacking the actions of the technology itself. On the frontlines of healthcare, the soldiers combating those invaders are a coalition force of information technology (IT) and healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals—a salient demonstration of the two groups working in tandem.

This issue of Horizons provides tools and best practices for cyber defenders (e.g., healthcare technology management and information technology professionals) to protect sensitive data and ensure that the technology works for the benefit of healthcare professionals and—most importantly—the patients.

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