Previous Issues of Horizons

Analytics in HealthcareHorizons Summer 2018
Analytics in Healthcare:Turning Data into Knowledge
Healthcare facilities are generating and collecting a wealth of data. More data means larger patient datasets, and when coupled with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, including machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing, these data have great potential to help healthcare professionals better understand patients and optimize the delivery of care.

Cyber VigilanceHorizons Fall 2017
Cyber Vigilance: Keeping Healthcare Technology Safe and Secure in a Connected World
This issue provides tools and best practices for cyber defenders (e.g., healthcare technology management and information technology professionals) to protect sensitive data and ensure that the technology works for the benefit of healthcare professionals and—most importantly—the patients.

Horizons:  Clinical AlarmsHorizons Spring 2017
Clinical Alarms—Managing the Overloads
This issue of Horizons explores several approaches to minimizing nonactionable alarms and improving clinical alarm management, including the design and use of secondary alarm notification systems, examining how alarms are classified, initiating cultural change, and looking for lessons from outside the healthcare technology industry.

2016_Fall_Horizons_100Horizons Fall 2016
Wireless Technology in Healthcare
This issue draws upon wireless healthcare experts to provide practical approaches and advice when working with wireless healthcare technology. It explores the challenges faced in the rapidly evolving world of wireless technology in healthcare, including managing the spectrum that wireless devices rely on, ensuring that patient data is protected from cyberattacks, testing and maintaining wireless systems, keeping track of hospital assets, and bridging the gap among people, departments, and devices.

2016 Spring HorizonsHorizons Spring 2016
Healthcare personnel face a constant challenge in ensuring that devices, such as endoscopes, are correctly sterilized and reprocessed, in order to protect patients from a host of hospital-acquired infections. This challenge is made doubly difficult by the influx of new, sophisticated devices being developed for patient care and the rise of dangerous and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Perspectives on how simplified user interfaces for pumps can improve programming times and reduce use errors are provided. Other research describes how improved smart pump drug library use can help eliminate clinical workarounds. The issue also features case studies, including the challenges and rewards of one group’s smart pump implementation efforts, in which it leveraged quality data to improve pump safety and usefulness.
Winner of a National APEX Award of Excellence

Horizons Spring 2015Horizons Spring 2015
Risk in Healthcare Technology: How Do You Manage It Effectively?
The rapid influx of increasingly complex and sophisticated technology poses many challenges for healthcare delivery organizations.  In this issue, experts provide insight into critical areas of risk management, including dispelling myths and misunderstandings, best practices in applying terminology, and embracing new paradigms to identify, analyze, and control risks effectively.

2014 Fall HorizonsHorizons Fall 2014
Connecting the Dots: The Value of Systems Engineering in Healthcare Technology
A fundamental change is unfolding in how hospitals and other healthcare facilities function, thanks to the introduction of systems engineering principles.  Systems thinking in healthcare reflects an appreciation for the interconnected and interdependent relationship of medical devices, technology, and individuals.

Horizons Spring 2014Horizons Spring 2014
Cybersecurity in Healthcare: What You Need to Know 
This issue of Horizons addresses issues fundamental to cybersecurity and medical technology, including risk management and interoperability; reports on key trends; and offers insight on protecting medical devices and technology from cyberthreats.

2013 Fall HorizonsHorizons Fall 2013
Human Factors & IT: Connecting with Medical Devices
This issue of Horizons examines the most important human factors engineering (HFE) areas to address in the context of connected medical devices and IT systems, and provides advice and practical tips from manufacturers, regulators, clinicians, and human factors and IT experts.
Hor2013 Spring Horizonsizons Spring 2013
Home Healthcare: Tackling the Challenge of Medical Technology in Nonclinical Settings
The explosive growth of home healthcare means that medical devices increasingly are being used away from controlled, acute care environments, and that clinical technology managers may have to manage equipment beyond those traditional walls.
2012 Fall HorizonsHorizons Fall 2012
Mobile Health: The Revolution Has Started.  Are You Ready?
Mobile Health examines the latest practices and challenges in mobile health and wireless medical devices, as well as offering advice and practical tips from manufacturers, regulators, clinicians, and wireless experts.
2012 Spring HorizonsHorizons Spring 2012
Sterilization and Reprocessing: A Matter of Patient Safety
There is increasing concern that inadequately reprocessed devices are responsible for a host of hospital-acquired infections. “Sterilization and Reprocessing—A Matter of Patient Safety” offers the current practices, expert advice, and practical tips from manufacturers, regulators, clinicians, sterile processing experts, and other healthcare technology professionals.
2011_Horizons_Fall_100Horizons Fall 2011
In a Wireless World: Managing Medical Devices on the IT Network
The challenges of managing medical devices on wired and wireless IT networks is the subject of this issue of Horizons. It focuses on helping healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers ensure that their networks and products are secure, reliable, cost-effective, and positioned for future success.

2011 Spring HorizonsHorizons Spring 2011
Improving Medical Alarm Systems
Medical alarm systems warn of danger by alerting caregivers to critical medical information. They also frequently malfunction or are turned off, ignored, or unheard, earning a top spot on lists of the most frequent and serious problems seen with devices. How can the safety and effectiveness of alarms be improved?


2010 Horizons Home HealthcareHorizons  2010
Home Healthcare
The combination of an aging population and increasingly sophisticated, easy-to-use medical equipment has led to an explosion of home and other non-hospital-based healthcare.



2010 Human Factors HorizonsHorizons Fall 2010
Human Factors Horizons
Human factors engineering is concerned with understanding the interactions among humans and other elements of a system. How can the principles of human factors be used to improve the design, use, and management of medical devices? How can we reduce medical errors and increase patient safety?

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2010_Horizons_IT_100Horizons 2010
IT Horizons
Published in 2010, examines the advancements and challenges that information technology has brought to the medical technology professions. Articles highlight IEC 80001, device integration efforts, the changing roles of biomed/clinical engineering, distributed antenna systems, applications of RFID, and more.

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2009 Imaging HorizonsHorizons 2009
Imaging Horizons
Imaging Horizons a special, one-time magazine focused exclusively on imaging-related issues. Published in June 2009, it examines the advancement and challenges that imaging technology has brought to the medical technology professions.

2008 Future HorizonsHorizons 2008
Future Horizons
This special publication examines the future of medical technology and the healthcare profession. This one-time publication explores the technology, product, and policy advancements that will shape the future of the healthcare technology field.

2008 IT HorizonsHorizons 2008
Healthcare Sterilization Horizons
AAMI and OR Manager joined forces to develop a special publication called Healthcare Sterilization Horizons. Released in 2008, this publication shares the expertise of sterilization specialists with all healthcare professionals.

2008 IT HorizonsHorizons 2008
IT Horizons
This issue of IT Horizons features articles on such issues as the convergence of biomedical and information technologies, the new IEC/ISO 80001 standard (Application of risk management for IT networks incorporating medical devices), and the latest on interoperability of medical devices and systems.

2007 Horizons Healthcare Technology Horizons 2007
Healthcare Technology Horizons
These collections of timely and practical articles are of mutual interest to clinical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, and nurses.  This edition was developed by AAMI in cooperation with the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN).

2006 Hemodialysis Horizons Horizons 2006
Hemodialysis Horizons
Hemodialysis Horizons is designed as a useful resource for medical equipment technicians; clinical engineers; medical, technical, and clinical staff of hemodialysis facilities; and many others including manufacturers, regulators, and patients.