AAMI News November 2018

Road Trip, Interviews Lead to Roadmap for Healthcare Technology Management

Girl Scout Meeting
Future HTM professionals? AAMI reached more than 3,000 girls at a Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas STEM Expo.
CMIA Educational Conference
MiraCosta College students participated in the California Medical Instrumentation Association educational conference: (left to right) Kathryn Wilford; Isabela Avedisian; Ryan Morin; Danielle McGeary, AAMI; Dr. Jeffrey Smoot, professor; and Vic Gonzales.

What does the road ahead look like for healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals?

It is somewhat long, will likely have twists and turns, and while not quite paved with gold, it has an exciting destination worth pursuing. That destination is a place in which HTM professionals are equal partners in any healthcare delivery organization, are recognized (and valued) by the C-suite, play leading roles in the procurement and use of medical devices and health technology, and are celebrated as part of a multidisciplinary team that supports patient safety.

Danielle McGeary, AAMI’s vice president of HTM, has a clearer idea of the road ahead, thanks to her own road trip this past summer during which she listened to scores of professionals on the front lines, talking to them about their needs and priorities.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to speak with HTM professionals, ranging from students to executives, from every part of the country, and hear the unique challenges each geographical area is facing,” McGeary said. “One thing that has blown me away throughout my HTM society tour is how much the field wants to help and is engaged in AAMI’s new HTM program.”

As a result of that road trip and separate interviews with 56 HTM professionals, McGeary developed an HTM roadmap that complements and builds on AAMI’s Strategic Plan and describes how the organization can advance the HTM field. The roadmap includes dozens of action items, including:

  • Reinvigorating several HTM committees at AAMI to give them new direction and support.
  • Reorganizing HTM resources on the AAMI website to make them more accessible.
  • Creating tools for the education community to highlight HTM as a desirable profession.
  • Developing promotional material to spotlight the value of HTM.
  • Engaging with outside organizations, such as the Department of Labor, to more effectively showcase the appeal of a Career in HTM.
  • Developing additional resources that provide guidance for the biggest challenges facing HTM.

The roadmap has its roots in the overall Strategic Plan for AAMI, which states as one fundamental objective, “Strengthen the healthcare technology management profession.” The alignment with the Strategic Plan underscores the intent of having the organization move forward in in organized and cohesive fashion.

“We want to effectively leverage our resources, including staff and volunteer time, so that we are maximizing our efforts and building on our successes,” McGeary said.

McGeary’s road trip took her, and other AAMI staffers, across the country. She described herself as humbled by the work she saw. She was even excited about one event she missed: a Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas STEM Expo.

“To my disappointment, I had already committed to speaking at another HTM society event that same weekend, so AAMI funded Ashley O’Mara, regional HTM director for the VA New England Healthcare System, to attend in my place,” McGeary said. “The event brought in more than 3,000 Girl Scouts, and AAMI provided materials and handouts for the event, while the Department of Defense provided all of the medical equipment for show and tell. They even got a few interested parents who were considering career changes!”

McGeary, who is AAMI’s first vice president of HTM, is building on years of resources and initiatives that AAMI has developed for the HTM field. McGeary said the roadmap will take the HTM field to new heights.

“We are embarking on a fantastic journey together,” McGeary said. “We have already seen some great things, and I believe the very greatest of what HTM can be lies ahead.”