AAMI News July 2018

Big Changes Coming to Annual Conference in 2019

The AAMI ExchangeIt’s only been a month since the doors of the Long Beach Convention Center closed on the AAMI 2018 Conference & Expo, but event organizers already have big plans for next year’s conference in Cleveland, OH, including the launch of what will now be known as the AAMI Exchange.

“AAMI is launching a new brand for our annual conference—the AAMI Exchange. That’s what the conference will be called starting in 2019 in Cleveland because it’s all about relationship exchanges and the exchange of knowledge,” AAMI COO Steve Campbell announced to attendees on the last day of AAMI 2018.

But this change is “so much more than just a name,” Campbell added. “We’ll be introducing new programs to attract other key stakeholders in healthcare technology—stakeholders who are key to how you do your jobs.”

The Exchange promises to have a program that will engage not only the healthcare technology management community but also all of the other professionals who fall under the health technology umbrella. This will include additional programming for industry professionals starting in 2019.

“We’ve reimagined the annual conference to provide expanded offerings to guide thought leadership, business engagement, and industry growth, as well as new ways to engage with colleagues,” said Sherrie Schulte, AAMI’s senior director of certification and the annual conference. “This is about the hustle and bustle of a diverse group of people coming together for a common purpose. The range of information, insights, and ideas that will happen—both formally and informally—at the AAMI Exchange will make this a ‘can’t miss’ event. People will leave feeling it was a rewarding time.”

The first AAMI Exchange will kick off in Cleveland on June 7, 2019. For more information, visit www.aami.org/aamiexchange.