AAMI News February 2018

Postcard from the Field: Advancing HTM in China

CSCE 16th national clinical engineering conference
AAMI member Alan Lipschultz provided an international perspective to HTM professionals who attended the Chinese Society of Clinical Engineering’s national conference.

More than 1,500 healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals from across China attended the Chinese Society of Clinical Engineering’s (CSCE’s) 16th national clinical engineering conference this past fall in Kunming, China, the city of flowers.

“The success of the event has helped to raise the stature of China’s clinical engineering community, standardize practice, and improve coordination across China,” said Zheng Kun, CSCE vice chair and director of clinical engineering for the Children’s Hospital at ZheJiang University School of Medicine.

The conference, which was led by CSCE President Gao Guanxing, vice president of the Inner Mongolia People’s Hospital, included two days of presentations and workshops facilitated by Chinese leaders and one speaker from Japan. Alan Lipschultz, president of HealthCare Technology Consulting, LLC, also presented, representing both AAMI and the American College of Clinical Engineering.

These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including medical device policies and regulations, HTM education, continuing education, the convergence of clinical engineering and IT, and international academic exchanges.

“Congratulations to the planning team, the sponsors, and the hosts for the tremendous success in promoting the safe and effective use of medical devices in China and for advancing the HTM field as a whole,” said Brad Schoener, vice president of innovation at AAMI.

Five CSCE leaders, including Kun, Chair-Elect Li Bing, and Deputy Secretary General Xia Huilin, attended the AAMI 2017 Conference & Expo in Austin, TX. AAMI and CSCE plan to explore ways to build further cooperation between the two organizations in the future.