Endoscope Reprocessing: Critical Training Steps to Promote Patient Safety

This 30-minute instructional video includes information on how endoscopes work, correct handling, guidance on reprocessing, and much more.

Intended for healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals and others interested in patient safety, this video includes information about:

  • Why endoscopes are important in healthcare
  • What they do and how they work
  • Correct endoscope handling; as well as troubleshooting tips
  • The importance of proper endoscope reprocessing and how to follow manufacturers’ IFUs
  • Step-by-step guidance of the critical stages in reprocessing
  • How to do qualification testing of automated endoscope reprocessing equipment
  • Professional organization guidelines and standards relevant to reprocessing
  • The roles of different departments and staff associated with endoscope reprocessing

The video looks at the 12 major steps of endoscope reprocessing, as detailed in the 2010 Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices put out by AORN, Inc. It highlights the fact that it can take more than 30 discrete steps to properly reprocess a flexible endoscope. One of the most important is following the manufacturer’s written instructions.

“Following the manufacturer’s written instructions is essential. Failure to do this could result in ineffective cleaning that interferes with high-level disinfection, which could create a risk of infection for the patient,” according to the video.

The video also demonstrates how to leak test a new, repaired, or refurbished endoscope, a task viewers might be called on to perform.

Published: April 2013

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