Getting Started with IEC 80001: Essential Information for Healthcare Providers Managing Medical IT-Networks

This handbook seeks to put readers on the right path for applying IEC 80001 — the sweeping new standard on the application of risk management for information technology (IT) networks that incorporate medical devices.

“The handbook is intended to take the fear out of implementing this standard inside the hospital regardless of the hospital size,” says Yadin David, director of Biomedical Engineering Consultants in Houston, TX, one of three co-authors of the handbook.

The handbook includes an overview of the standard, how to start a pilot project, and how to identify who in an organization is responsible for complying with the standard.

A pilot project could be hooking up infusion pumps to electronic health record (EHR) systems. Todd Cooper, president of the consulting firm Breakthrough Solutions Foundry Inc. in San Diego, CA, and another co-author, says it’s important to determine responsibilities at the earliest stages of project planning.

Published: March 2011, 76 pages.

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