Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Are you using your tools to their maximum capacity? The third edition of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for Healthcare Technology Management outlines the basic principles of CMMS design and operation, as well as identifies how to effectively use the system to generate meaningful data.

This book is a must-read if you're tasked with setting up a CMMS.

“The CMMS needs to do a good job of making data entry easy, yet comprehensive enough to recall the ‘story’ of what happened on a particular repair,”  said coauthor Ted Cohen. “The CMMS also needs to be flexible/configurable so it meets the needs of different institutions, yet still performs error checking to help stop erroneous and incomplete data from being entered.”

A new section of the book tackles essential CMMS “how-tos”:
  • how to use the system for standards compliance, financial management, and equipment planning;
  • how to maintain data integrity so the CMMS provides useful information; and
  • how to select and implement a CMMS product.
Authors:  Ted Cohen, MS, FACCE and Matthew F. Baretich, PE, PhD

Published: May 2017; 102 pages.

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