HTM Levels Guide: Second Edition

The second edition of AAMI’s HTM Levels Guide helps HTM departments blaze new trails for the effective and safe stewardship of medical devices, while enhancing patient care in the process.

“Just doing the regulatory basics is one thing. That’s important. But we’ve also found examples of HTM programs doing very innovative things that provide a lot more support to clinicians,” said Matt Baretich, CPPS, president of Baretich Engineering and co-author of the updated guide. “We wanted to emphasize that the target for every agency or program is level two—established. You’re not just meeting basic requirements—you’re providing a lot more value to the organization.”

The guide—which was developed based on feedback from clinical engineers, consultants, AAMI staff, AAMI’s Technology Management Council, and others—provides direction to help HTM departments progress through three levels, defined as:

  • Fundamental: Programs that provide a basic level of technology services and comply with applicable standards and regulations. The authors describe this as the minimum  level for new HTM programs and those in very small healthcare organizations.
  • Established: Programs that have moved beyond the basics to provide additional services, with a focus on cost-effectiveness.
  • Advanced: Programs that are on the leading edge, demonstrating the full range of potential for HTM contributions to patient care. While very few programs achieve this level of performance across the board, the authors believe that every HTM program can find opportunities for improvement—even at this level.

The second edition of the guide emphasizes continuous improvement. For example, an HTM department operating at the “fundamental” level would have some involvement in equipment planning. At the “established level,” HTM is regularly involved, while the most “advanced” HTM department takes the lead in the equipment planning process. The guide also includes a pull-out, poster-style checklist to help departments visualize where they need to go.

A free HTM Levels Poster entitled HTM Program Checklist is available to download here.

Published: 2016; 24 pages

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