BI&T March/April 2015

Medical devices and systems can collect and store more data than ever before. But how can hospitals manage and make effective use of that ever-growing pile of information? The experts weigh in and spell out the role that HTM professionals can play in helping their facilities rise to the challenge of "big data" in this month’s BI&T cover story.

“That data can be used to find answers is of course nothing new,” Chris Hayhurst writes. “Researchers, businesses, institutions—entire industries for that matter—have looked to the numbers from whatever niche they're in for as long as they've been able to count. What's different now is the sheer volume of data being produced, and the increasing ease, thanks to steady improvements in a wide array of technologies, in which that data can be collected, organized, analyzed, and put to use.”ASHPE Award Winner

The cover story of this issue, "Mining for Answers from Big Data," won the ASHPE Bronze Award for the Best Single News/Analysis article.

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