How HTM Professionals Can Master the Medical Internet of Things

Posted April 19, 2019

Internet of Things-enabled medical technologies, also referred to as the medical IoT (MIoT), provide and assess critical data that assist healthcare workers in making informed decisions. While they offer a host of benefits, they also introduce cybersecurity risks, as explained by Priyanka Upendra in a post for the AAMIBlog. Upendra, a compliance program director at Banner Health, provides the following tips for how healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals can keep up with the huge growth in MIoT technologies.

  • Participate in policy and procedure development and refinement as applicable to MIoT.
  • Take a seat at the governance committee that establishes standards, best practices, and evaluates technologies for compliance.
  • Understand vulnerability management and work with IT pillars to establish a process that is easy to implement and sustain.
  • Get familiar with Department of Defense data destruction techniques, learn about the tools that information security professionals use, and educate HTM staff on its relevance and application.
  • Participate in supply chain and clinical activities that discuss clinical workflows, medical technologies that clinicians want to purchase, and evaluating contracts for data and system security as well as maintenance management.
  • Participate in risk management and legal activities as applicable to MIoT.

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