AAMI 2018 Speaker Offers Five Tips for a Better, Unplugged Life

Posted June 2, 2018

Christine Cashen
Christine Cashen enlightens and entertains during a main stage presentation at AAMI 2018.

In a world of boundless technology, sometimes it’s best to know when not to use it, reconnect with the present, and get to know yourself. Doing so not only leads to a more positive attitude—but a better, more in-control life. That’s the message professional speaker Christine Cashen gave attendees during a raucous main stage presentation on Saturday, June 2 at the AAMI 2018 Conference & Expo.

“I’m so glad they let all of you out of the hospital basement to be here,” Cashen joked. “But seriously—I know you in healthcare technology are the unsung heroes of healthcare.”

Cashen, a former university admissions officer and self-described “average golfer,” provided several tips to help empower conference attendees to live and do better, both at home and in their often-frenetic careers:

  • Understand that “it’s not about you.” Learn to know and understand others and speak their language.
  • Stop sending reply-to-all emails. “Email is someone else’s priority list for you,” Cashen said. “If someone sends you more than three emails in three minutes—pick up the phone or walk to that person’s desk. So much miscommunication can occur over email.”
  • Wean from the screen—at least some of the time. “The time you’re spending in front of a screen is wasting your life away, especially when it comes to email,” Cashen said. “A lot of it is garbage, stuff you don’t need. I challenge you to no screen for the first and last 15 minutes of your day. The biggest gift you have is to be present.”
  • Disable push notifications on your devices. “Time is steamrolling you,” Cashen said. “You need to take control of your time.”
  • Be a fountain, not a drain. It’s important to give off energy, not take it. “People like you because you make them better when they’re with you,” Cashen said.

Ultimately, according to Cashen, your personal choices shape and determine your environment—for better or for worse. So, by better understanding your ability to take control, and using the tips above, you can position yourself for a happier, more empowered life.