AAMI's A-List Connects Device Manufacturers to HTM Professionals

Posted May 2, 2017

AAMI's A-ListAAMI offers a unique service to strengthen communications between medical device manufacturers and the healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals who purchase and maintain such equipment in hospitals.

The AAMI A-List allows technicians, engineers, and other HTM professionals to provide feedback about medical device products and services—and learn about new products and services. Here’s how it works: Several times through the year, device manufacturers and service providers approach AAMI about wanting to get in touch with clinical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, and other HTM professionals. In many cases, the companies and service providers want to get input from HTM professionals about a particular issue or publicize a new product or service. But as a matter of policy, AAMI does not sell or rent its e-mail or mailing list.

By joining the AAMI A-List, HTM professionals can opt to receive one or two emails each month about a manufacturer, product, or service. The emails, set off in a colorful and crisp template, are sent by AAMI, so email addresses will not be distributed to others.

You can sign up to receive the AAMI A-List, by updating your profile. Once you are signed in, click on the “demographics tab” and check the box next to "AAMI A-List," which is listed under “AAMI Interests.”

Companies interested in promoting their products or services through the AAMI A-List should contact the AAMI advertising team.