A Conversation with HTM ‘Iconoclast’ Binseng Wang

Posted July 16, 2019

Binseng Wang, a self-described “rebel,” is a master at challenging norms and assumptions.

In the latest episode of the AAMI Podcast host Terry Baker talks with Wang, the first recipient of the AAMI & TRIMEDX John D. Hughes Iconoclast Award, which recognizes individuals who, like the late Hughes, push the boundaries of the healthcare technology management (HTM) profession and challenge the status quo. Wang was honored at the AAMI Exchange in Cleveland, OH, in June.

A longtime leader in the HTM field, Wang is director of quality and regulatory affairs at Greenwood Marketing LLC (formerly WRP32 Management, Inc.), an independent consultant with BSI, and author of the book Clinical Engineering Financial Management and Benchmarking.

Though Wang said that he was “greatly honored and humbled” to receive the award, he wasn’t sure how well he fit the definition of “iconoclast,” defined as “a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions” by the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Wang contended that while he wouldn’t describe himself as “attacking” settled beliefs or institutions, he is vigilant in questioning beliefs and practices that “do not seem to be firmly grounded in objective evidence.”

“In other words, I am only applying the ‘scientific method’ that I learned in school to try to improve our profession and above all the care of patients,” he said, adding that iconoclasts can most effectively enact positive change within their field by providing concrete, actionable evidence.

“I think we need to evolve from a craftsmanship approach to a more truly professional discipline in which the work is planned, implemented, evaluated, and continually improved based on concrete data and evidence rather than using intuition and subjective perceptions,” Wang continued. “Every action we take must be justified by objective evidence and we need to be humble enough to learn from our mistakes as well as those by others so we can continue to improve.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Wang at www.aami.org/podcasts.