Industry, Health System Partner for AI-Based Pathology Center

Posted July 2, 2019

New York’s Mount Sinai Health has announced a partnership with Philips and LabCorp to create a “digital pathology” center to enable remote diagnosis of cancer and other conditions throughout the Manhattan-based hospital system.

The Mount Sinai Digital and Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Pathology Center of Excellence is envisioned to allow for pathology results to be determined in real time without the need for a pathologist to be on site as well as provide AI-based tools to improve diagnosis and efficiency.

The partnership will leverage Philips’ IntelliSite Pathology digital pathology technology, expertise from Labcorp to integrate the processes into clinical practice, as well as clinical expertise from Mount Sinai physicians and scientists.

“Digital pathology gives us the unprecedented opportunity to expand our services to the community at large and engage members of our department, considered key opinion leaders in their field, to provide expert diagnostic opinions in complex cases,” said Carlos Cordon-Cardo, chair of the Department of Pathology, Molecular, and Cell-Based Medicine at Mount Sinai Health, in a statement. Cordon-Cardo’s pathology department processes more than 80 million diagnostic tests each year.

“This, in addition to our new predictive AI-based tests, introduces the potential for optimization of treatment efficacy, and provides the opportunity for improved clinical outcomes,” he said.

The technology will first be used primarily to interpret cancers of the prostate, head, and neck at the system’s eight hospitals as well as some ambulatory care centers. Eventually, the system is intended to allow for Mount Sinai specialists to provide consultations throughout the United States on cases interpreted by Labcorp’s specialty laboratory.