It’s Time to ‘Think Big’ and ‘Embrace Disruption’

Posted June 8, 2019

Nicholas WebbDon’t fight disruption—follow it.

That was the message from Nicholas Webb, a futurist, technology CEO, award-winning inventor, and author in the first main stage presentation of the AAMI Exchange.

In an energy-filled presentation, Webb provided several examples of companies that failed to adapt to disruptions in their industry, such as Sears and Blockbuster Video, which failed to understand (or care about) the needs of their customers. With the healthcare system also facing sea change, the health technology industry will need to embrace the power of disruption, too.

“Disruption is the best thing that could ever happen to us,” Webb said. “The difference between organizations that had customers that had a place in the future, is that they were willing to lean into disruption rather than reject it.”

The biggest needed change for healthcare, according to Webb, is the move toward systems that can anticipate problems before they happen rather than reacting to them. Getting there will take a lot of smart technology and connectivity, of course. To survive in a hypercompetitive market, health technology companies with also need to double down on the patient experience, he said.

“The low hanging fruit for healthcare isn’t the bright shining things, it’s creating the beautiful moments for patients” that will lead them to want to come back.

While Amazon didn’t reinvent selling “stuff to people,” they did revolutionize the experience of purchasing merchandise. To be successful, healthcare companies will need to also find “the secret sauce” that consists of creating an experience for patients that is easy, memorable, and effective, Webb explained.

That means embracing connected technology such as the Internet of Things and always having the attitude of how to better serve patients. 

“Be bold, go big, be brave! It’s an incredible honor to be in this business,” Webb said. “If we lean into this disruption, we have a chance to do more amazing things.”