Standards Points of Contact


Did you know that the AAMI Standards Program is responsible for the administration of approximately 230 technical groups? This includes standards consensus bodies that develop American National Standards, AAMI technical information reports, and other AAMI deliverables, consensus bodies that function as U.S. Technical Advisory Groups to ISO or IEC technical committees, and ISO and IEC technical committees and affiliated working groups.

AAMI’s Standards Program is constantly growing and evolving to serve our stakeholder community and support standardization in crucial areas of healthcare technology. Each of the AAMI standards groups is facilitated and administratively managed by at least one member of the AAMI Standards team. A listing of the AAMI Standards consensus bodies and the current associated staff contact(s) is below. (Standards contacts marked with an asterisk are expected to change in the coming months.) The directory can also be found on the AAMI website at

General administrative support – such as implementing changes to the standards group rosters, troubleshooting access to AAMI Committee Central, and responding to general inquiries – is provided across all program areas by our AAMI Standards Program support team, who can be reached at