Get to Know the AAMI Standards Team: Emily Hoefer, senior manager, shared services


Tell us a bit about yourself—where are you from, what did you go to school, etc?

Though I’ve been in the DC area for about 10 years, I grew up in South Carolina—I’m more than happy to debate what makes a proper BBQ sauce with you!

I also went to school in South Carolina, at the University of South Carolina, and most of my fall Saturdays are spent being very sad about their football team’s performance.


When did you join AAMI?

January 2019


What got you interested in standards work?

I started supporting standards committees in early 2014. In my early stages of standards work, I particularly appreciated that every day of the job was different and that my multi-tasking and organizational skills were integral to my work. As I learned more about standards work and built relationships in the standards developing community, I started to appreciate the passion and work ethic that others in the industry have to develop best practices.


What kind of work are you doing in the department?

Currently, I am leading the Shared Services team, which supports our day-to-day operations in the Standards Department internally (e.g., posting ballots, managing rosters, etc.).

I also currently support the AAMI Health IT Committee and its workgroups, the AAMI Sustainability Committee, as well as AAMI’s emerging efforts in AI including the new AAMI AI Committee; joint activities with the British Standards Institute (BSI); participation in the Xavier University AI World Team/Collaborative Community; the ANSI Standardization Empowering AI-enabled Systems in Health Care Workshop Planning Committee; and the IEC SEG 10, Ethics in Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence Applications.


What’s something strange or interesting about working in standards?

  1. At some point you begin to notice standards everywhere (on new sunglasses, on a box of cotton swabs, etc.) and then you can never not see them!
  2. I have found that there are many like-minded people who work in standards which makes it very easy to form great camaraderie and teamwork.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to go see live music and sporting events and have missed both greatly during COVID! I also studied studio art in college and continue to draw and paint frequently.


What do you miss most about in-person standards meetings?

So much! As someone newer to AAMI, the conversations that take place during coffee breaks and before and after meetings that help me get to know our members is by far the most greatly missed.


If you were stuck on an island with only a compass, a volleyball, and one standards document of your choosing—which one is it?

ANSI K100.1-1974, ANSI Safety Codes and Requirements for Dry Martinis