AAMI Welcomes New Additions to AAMI Board and Nominating Committee

The AAMI Board of Directors and Nominating Committee are welcoming two seasoned professionals: Ralph Basile, vice president of marketing and regulatory affairs for Healthmark, has been appointed by the AAMI Board for a one-year term, to fill the remaining term of Dave Deaven, who has retired. In addition, Susumu Nozawa, head of regulatory affairs, North America, for Siemens Healthineers has been appointed to the Nominating Committee to serve out a one-year term in place of Donna Darner, who has stepped down.

 Photo portrait of Ralph Basile

Ralph Basile – AAMI Board

Basile has been an AAMI member for more than 20 years. In that time, he has served as a director of the AAMI Foundation board, a U.S. delegate for international standards technical committees, a cochair for the ST/WG12 and ST/WG13 AAMI standards committees, and a member of several other industrial sterilization working groups.

Most recently, Basile co-led a crucial update of TIR12, Designing, Testing, And Labeling Medical Devices Intended For Processing By Health Care Facilities: A Guide For Device Manufacturers, helping to bridge the divide between medical device manufacturers writing instructions for use (IFUs) and the users that read them.

Effective immediately, Basile will be serving on the AAMI Board of Directors for a one-year term. He joins 19 other directors who are responsible for reviewing, revising, and approving strategic and business plans; establishing and approving policies; and providing guidance on strategic issues affecting the association.


 Photo portrait of Susumu Nozawa.

Susumu Nozawa – AAMI Nominating Committee

Nozawa is a global regulatory expert who is well-respected within the health technology industry. As a member of AAMI for more than 20 years, Nozawa is a member of AAMI’s Committee on Standards Strategy (CSS) and the planning committee for the BSI/AAMI International Medical Devices Standards and Regulation Conference (ISC). He has participated as a member in dozens of AAMI standards working groups and has helped publish 13 AAMI standardization documents.

Effective immediately, Nozawa will be serving on the AAMI Nominating Committee for a one-year term. The Nominating Committee meets twice a year to review and recommends policies and procedures relevant to AAMI leadership selection processes. The Committee also recommends policy and program chairs to the Chair of the Board.