AAMI’s Technology Management Council (TMC) represents thousands of biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers, and other professionals who manage and service medical technology around the world.

The TMC creates new networking opportunities; advances and promotes the profession to others in the healthcare field and the public at large; and develops new career and technical resources for local biomedical associations, healthcare facilities, manufacturers, and other professionals in the field.

TMC Goals

The TMC represents professionals who purchase, service, and maintain healthcare technology—from government, the manufacturing industry, healthcare facilities, and other organizational and individual members (i.e., Corporate, Institutional, and Society Members) of AAMI to representation from the BMET, clinical engineering, quality assurance, standards, and other professional specialties.

The goals of the TMC are to:

  1. Ensure recognition and support of the healthcare technology management community, which provides management and other services essential to the development and management of technology in healthcare institutions.
  2. Provide a unified and clear voice for the technology management community in the formulation of AAMI's general and business strategies to ensure that relevant services are offered to this membership segment.
  3. Enhance the relationship of this community with relevant regional, local, and state organizations.
  4. Constantly re-evaluate the role of the Council and its Executive committee to ensure optimum use of membership resources by recommending necessary changes to the goals, structure, and programs of the Council.

The Council serves as an important advisory body to the TMC Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is composed of five members from the Council selected collaboratively by the President of AAMI, the AAMI Board of Directors, and the members of the Council.

About the TMC

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For questions regarding the Technology Management Council, contact Danielle McGeary at dmcgeary@aami.org.