Society Membership

Biomedical societies can join AAMI for a special membership rate of $100 per year. That provides three members of a biomedical society with full AAMI membership benefits. As an AAMI member, the three individuals receive:

  • A full-year subscription to AAMI's journal, Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology (BI&T)
  • A subscription to our monthly newsletter, AAMI News
  • Access to AAMI's online communities where you can interact with colleagues, ask questions, and obtain important Joint Commission guidance documents
  • Complimentary copies of specialty publications such as Horizons
  • Deep discounts to AAMI's books, standards, conferences, and other educational events, and
  • Access to AAMI's journal online, which enables you to search through archived articles by keyword to obtain guidance on Joint Commission issues, management topics, troubleshooting tips, and career and certification information.

Some associations have chosen to give these memberships to their leaders. Others have given away the memberships as door prizes or as part of scholarships.

If you are interested in joining as a society member, please contact Sabrina Reilly at or call her at +1 703-253-8273.