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 Login to the NEW Exhibitor Hub

Check out our new Exhibitor Hub LINKED HERE where you can access all of your exhibitor forms and tasks in one place. When creating your login, make sure to use the email address you provided as the system will not recognize you as the admin on your booth portal. If you have any issues, please reach out to Madison Crawley at mcrawley@aami.org. 

  • Update your company profile
  • Login to your GES Exhibitor Portal
  • Access the Exhibitor Service Kit
  • Submit your insurance
  • Order Wi-Fi, AV, Lead Retrieval and anything else you may need for your booth
What's Included with your booth? (per 100 sq. ft.)
  • 1 Full Conference Pass
  • 3 Expo Booth Personnel Passes
  • Unlimited Customer Expo Only Passes
  • 8' back drape (blue); 3' side drape (blue); 11"x17" booth ID sign
  • Flooring is REQUIRED in your booth.
  • NOT included: carpet/flooring, furniture, electric, wi-fi

Exhibitors are responsible for the following services (if needed) and are not included in the booth space fee:
  • Booth furnishings, carpet/flooring (mandatory)
  • Inbound and outbound shipping and freight handling costs
  • Electrical, internet and other utility services, audiovisual equipment
  • Booth installation and dismantling, booth cleaning and individual booth security



Exhibit Staff Registration

Deadline to register is May 31st

To register your booth staff (can only be done by the main contact on your booth):

To register your booth staff:  You must register your booth staff with the email address used to receive this email.

  1. Go to Register for eXchange.
  2. When prompted, login or create an account with the email address used to receive this email. If you do not use the correct email address, you will not be able to register your booth personnel.
  3. Select eXchange24: Booth Personnel Full Registration and register for your full conference passes.
  4. Select eXchange24: Booth Personnel Expo Plus Pass and register for your booth personnel expo plus passes.
  5. You do not need to register your entire team at once. We recommend registering the booth personnel that you know will be attending the show. You can always login and register additional staff or take advantage of any unused comp’d passes leading up to the show.
  6. Once you have filled out the required registration information, you can go ahead and check out. You should not see a charge for your comp’d registrations.
  7. During the registration process you can purchase additional conference items and pay for them at check-out.
  8. After you have registered your staff, you can login and view your registrations or register additional staff at any point leading up to the show.
  9. If you see a charge for your comp’d registrations or need to make a substitution or change, email Madison Crawley at mcrawley@aami.org

As a reminder, each 100 sq ft booth space comes with the below:

One Full Conference Registration includes access to:

  • Keynote Presentations & Concurrent Education Sessions on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
  • Expo Hall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • AAMI eXchange presentations made available by the speakers.
  • AAMI’s Career Center
  • Welcome Reception on Friday
  • AAMI Party on Saturday
  • AAMI's Closing Reception on Sunday

Three complimentary Expo Plus badges includes: 

  • Expo Hall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • AAMI Career Center
  • Opening Reception Friday
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE: Lunch in the expo hall, Receptions (AAMI Party Saturday & Closing Reception Sunday- separate tickets must be purchased), Education Sessions

To register for your customer passes, please download the form in your exhibitor portal.




Exhibit Hall Move-In & Move-Out Hours

Wednesday, June 12
1:00pm-5:00pm Move-in
by appointment only for booth 600 sq. ft. or larger, mini islands

Thursday, June 13
8:00am-4:30pm Move-in

Friday, June 14
8:00am-12:00pm Move-in (set-up must be completed by this time)

5:30pm-7:00pm Opening Reception

Saturday, June 15
10:00am-12:00pm Hall open to exhibitor personnel only
(must have an exhibitor badge, no exceptions)

12:00pm-5:00pm Hall open to everyone

Sunday, June 16
10:00am-12:00pm Hall open to exhibitor personnel only
(must have an exhibitor badge, no exceptions)

12:00pm-4:00pm Hall open to everyone

4:00pm-8:30pm Move-out 
(exhibitors found dismantling/packing their booth prior to this time maybe penalized by forfeiting priority points, delayed booth selection for 2024, or excluded from exhibiting at a future conference)

Monday, June 17
8:00am-12:00pm Move-out

You can find the overall conference schedule-at-a-glance HERE



Exhibitor Social Media Kit

Let your network know that you will be exhibiting at the AAMI eXchange with a graphic! Take advantage of our customizable templates that are also available to personalize with your booth number!

Instructions on customizing your graphic

1200x250 Banner

Customizable 1200x250 Banner

1200x1200 Red Square Graphic

1200x1200 Blue Square Graphic

Customizable 1200x1200 Square Graphic

Make sure to tag AAMI in your posts so we can share on our social media and use our official hashtag #AAMIeXchange24


Exhibit Hall Rules and Regulations

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – All exhibiting companies are required to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are encouraged to be sensitive and as reasonably accommodating as possible to attendees with disabilities. Information regarding ADA compliance is available from the U.S. Department of Justice ADA Information Line (800-514-0301) and online at www.ada.gov.
  • Animals – With the exception of registered service dogs, animals/pets including emotional support pets are not permitted within the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Balloons – The use of helium-filled balloons or adhesive backed decals of any type are not permitted in the Phoenix Convention Center. For decoration purposes, air-filled balloons may be used. Show Management reserves the right to remove any balloons at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • Carpeting/Flooring Carpet or other approved flooring in your exhibit space is mandatory and is not provided with your exhibit space purchase. If you are not providing your own flooring for your booth, you must rent carpet from GES. Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual for more information. Show Management reserves the right to “force carpet” in any exhibit area that is without flooring within two hours before the end time for booth move-in/setup.
  • Children For safety reasons, children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the tradeshow floor during exhibitor move-in and move-out hours or any other time the show is not open. During expo hours only, children 6 years of age and older are permitted in the exhibit hall, however they must be always accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted on the show floor at any time. No strollers or hand-carried infants are permitted in the exhibit hall at any time. Any children found misbehaving or not under the direct supervision of an adult will be asked to leave the exhibit hall.
  • Code of Conduct – All exhibitors must conduct exhibits in a dignified and professional manner. Exhibitors should not enter other exhibiting company’s booths for the purpose of soliciting sales. Exhibitors are not permitted to discuss other exhibitors’ products or services in a negative manner. Do not enter the raffles, drawings and other prize contests held at another exhibitor booth. These prizes are intended for attendees and potential clients only. Literature samples and surveys must be disbursed from within your booth area only (this includes magazines and other publications). Companies that do not comply with this regulation will be asked to leave the show. All activities involving your company’s products and/or services must be confined to the boundaries of your booth and must not impede traffic or interfere with the activity of other exhibitors.
  • Decorations – The use of glitter, confetti, sand, rice, or simulated snow types of material is NOT permitted in the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Design Approval – All exhibit spaces equaling 400 square feet or larger and mini-islands are required to submit a rendering, drawing, or photo of their proposed design and layout to Show Management by April 15. See the Booth Construction Guidelines section for more details. On-site, booth constructions that deviate from the actual, submitted, and approved floor plans, or constructions not in compliance with display rules, will be required to correct all violations prior to show opening.
  • Displaying of Products – If an exhibitor displays products not manufactured by the exhibiting company, the exhibitor must obtain written permission from the manufacturer to display the product and submit a copy of the permission to Show Management at exchange@aami.org.

  • Display Vehicles – Exhibitors displaying vehicles must get prior approval by April 5. See the Booth Construction Guidelines section for more details.
  • Dress Code Exhibitors are expected to dress and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Anyone who is dressed inappropriately according to Show Management may be asked to leave.
  • Electrical – Every exhibit facility has different electrical requirements; however, minimum guidelines are suggested and any design approvals by April 5.

    • All 110-volt wiring should be grounded three-wire.

    • Wiring that touches the floor should be “SO” cord (minimum 14-gauge/three-wire) flat cord, which is insulated to qualify for “extra hard usage”.

    • Cord wiring above floor level can be “SJ” which is rated for “hard usage”.

    • Using zip cords, two-wire cords, cube taps, latex cords, plastic cord, lamp cord, open clip sockets, and two-wire clamp-on fixtures is not recommended and may be prohibited.

    • Power strips (multi-plug connectors) should be UL approved, with built-in over-load protectors.

  • FDA Approval/Clearance – If an exhibitor intends to display or promote an article that is subject to pre-market approval/clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and that article has not as yet received final FDA approval/clearance, the exhibit, the exhibitor’s materials, and the exhibitor’s personnel must disclose that such article has not received final FDA approval/clearance and clearly convey the status of such article consistent with the laws, rules, and regulations administered by the FDA. The exhibit and any associated materials also must adequately and completely disclose that the article is not currently available for sale or commercial distribution in the United States. The exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless AAMI from and against any and all costs, fees, expenses, penalties, damages, and claims arising from exhibitor’s failure to comply with all laws, rules and regulations (including those of FDA) applicable to such article.
  • Flammable and Toxic Materials – It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure safe exhibit booth construction. Drapes, signs, banners, decorating materials, plastic cloth and similar materials must be flame retardant or fabricated from inherently fireproof materials. The exhibitor should have a certificate of flame retardant available for review by the Phoenix Convention Center. A fire department representative may at his or her sole discretion perform a flame test of exhibit materials. The use of any material that cannot be made flame retardant is prohibited. Exhibitors should dispose of any waste products they generate during the exhibition in accordance with guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency and the facility.
  • Food and Beverage – The catering group ARAMARK is the official food and beverage provider at AAMI eXchange 2024. Exhibitors are prohibited from bringing any food or beverage into the building for distribution from booths, except for small individual candies in a bowl.  Aventura/PCC is able to provide several specialty items including specialty decorated cupcake, logo cookie, coffee service, logo bottled water, etc. If it is a specialty item that has national name recognition that ties in with the booth or company location, you must do a catering buyout.  The catering buyouts start at $1,500.00+ and up, per day depending on the item and quantity distributed.  It also requires an indemnity agreement and a certificate of insurance naming Aventura as an additional insured. The company would need to contact Aventura prior to making arrangements for the item to receive approval.
  • Hanging Signs – Hanging signs are only allowable in Island Booths. Signs must be hung at a maximum height of 22 feet from the floor to the top of the hanging sign. A minimum of 2 feet vertical distance must separate the hanging sign from the structure. Hanging signs must be located within the contracted booth area, be no less than one foot inside any perimeter of the booth and be no more than 6 feet in height.
  • Hospitality Events Hospitality cannot be scheduled at any time that conflicts with exhibits or sessions. Exhibitors must receive prior approval from Show Management before scheduling any events. Please do not attend (or crash) any hospitality parties hosted by a competitor.
  • Installation & Dismantling All exhibits must be fully installed by 12:00 p.m., Friday, June 14. If any exhibitor is not set up by that time, Show Management reserves the right to direct the official service contractor to set up the exhibit at the sole expense of the exhibitor, or to make such other use of the space as Show Management deems necessary, with no refund to the original exhibitor . Exhibits shall not begin dismantling or packing of equipment and materials before 4:00 p.m, Sunday, June 16. All exhibits must be removed from the site by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 17 or the exhibitor will be subject to storage and handling charges.
  • Insurance Exhibitors are required to carry General Liability Insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate. AAMI, GES and the Phoenix Convention Center shall be named as Additional Insured. This insurance must be in force from June 12 – June 17, 2024. Send a copy of your certificate of insurance to sales@rainprotection.net no later than May 6.
  • Labor Assistance – Any problems concerning labor, rules, regulations and/or jurisdiction must be reported directly to a representative from GES or Show Management.
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property Exhibitor unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, design, copyrights, trademarks or other artwork furnished to AAMI for inclusion in the any printed materials and/or online use are owned by the Exhibitor and that AAMI has permission to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect and defend AAMI from any claim, suit, loss, expense or cost arising from the use of such elements including reasonable attorney’s fees.
  • Paging or Announcements – With the exception of announcements by Show Management, no paging or public announcements are permitted in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Photography – Show Management and its agents reserve the right to photograph and/or record exhibitors in the Phoenix Convention Center and to use such likenesses for future promotional purposes. AAMI eXchange encourages attendees to engage and promote the conference on social media and other platforms.
    • Guidelines to be mindful of:
      • Exhibitor taking photography and/or recording, of any kind, of another exhibitor’s exhibit space or product is strictly prohibited.
      • Only photography of the exhibitor’s own booth space is permitted.
      • Any exhibitor or attendee found to be taking unauthorized photography and/or recording will be asked to leave the show and have their photography and/or recording equipment confiscated.
      • If the violator of this policy is an exhibitor, Show Management reserves the right to remove the exhibit and exhibitor from the show at the exhibiting company’s expense.
      • During the show, all inquiries should be directed to Show Management in the Exhibitor Service area in the exhibit hall.


  • Qualification of Exhibitors – Show Management reserves the right to always determine eligibility of exhibitors for participation in AAMI eXchange. Products and services displayed must be industry related. Show Management, in its sole judgment, will determine the appropriateness of products exhibited, and reserves the right to prohibit display or advertisement of products which are in violation of these rules or do not meet the objectives of AAMI eXchange.
  • Sales on the Exhibit Floor – AAMI eXchange is a lead-only show; Show Management prohibits the sale of merchandise in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Security – As a courtesy to exhibitors, 24-hour perimeter security for the exhibit hall will be furnished during installation, dismantling and show days. This is not and should not be interpreted as a guarantee or indemnity against loss or theft of any kind. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to protect its own materials from loss or damage. Additional Security coverage is available through the official security contractor.
  • Smoking and Vaping – The Phoenix Convention Center is a smoke free campus. In accordance, smoking and vaping is prohibited within 50 feet of any entrance door. The loading dock and driveway areas are also designated smoke free areas.
  • Sound/Music - In general, exhibitors may use sound equipment in their booths so long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned so as to direct sound into the booth rather than into the aisle.  Exhibitors must police their own booths to be sure the noise levels from demonstrations or sound systems is kept to a minimum and does not interfere with others. Show Management reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued. Exhibitors should be aware that music played in their booths, whether live or recorded, may be subject to laws governing the use of copyrighted compositions. ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are three authorized licensing organizations that collect copyright fees on behalf of composers and publishers of music. No copyrighted music may be played or sung in the exhibition area in any fashion (including, but not limited to, background music on video or audio tape presentations) without obtaining appropriate licensing. The exhibitor is solely responsible for obtaining these licenses for any music originating in the exhibitor’s booth. The exhibitor shall indemnify AAMI and its officers and employees and agents, and the Phoenix Convention Center and its officers and employees, and shall save them free and harmless from any and all liability whatsoever for any infringement of or other violation arising out of the use of copyrighted music.
  • Soliciting - Any person who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, in another company’s booth, or in violation of any portion of the eXchange Rules and Regulations will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties may be applied. The use of a hotel guest room or hospitality suite to solicit business from AAMI eXchange attendees without prior approval of Show Management is prohibited.
  • Storage - Fire regulations prohibit storing product, literature, empty packing containers or packing materials behind back drapes or under draped tables. In most cases, however, exhibitors may store a limited supply of literature or product appropriately within the booth area, so long as these items do not impede access to utility services, create a safety problem, or look unsightly.
  • Subletting/Sharing Space - Exhibiting companies may not assign, sublet, or share any portion of their booths, nor may they distribute literature for another company’s products or services, unless granted previous approval by Show Management.



Contact AAMI staff at eXchange@aami.org.