Why is AAMI switching AAMI Exchange 2021 to a virtual event?

The most important consideration for evaluating whether we could hold an in-person conference was the health and safety of our participants. Though conditions are improving, restrictions on large gatherings remain part of the public health guidelines for the foreseeable future. A conference of thousands of participants incurs too great a risk to their health and safety and those who would be supporting us in the host city.

In addition to health concerns, we also recognize that there is an important equity issue at stake in this decision. Many companies have travel bans in place that last through summer or longer, some individuals cannot travel due to health concerns, and international travel restrictions are still in place. All of these factors would prevent many members of the AAMI community from participating. By going virtual, we are ensuring everyone can participate, regardless of their ability to travel.


What will the virtual event look like?

We are working hard to make the 2021 AAMI Exchange the most engaging, dynamic event it can be. In addition to presenting a full slate of educational sessions, we are planning to feature five days of dynamic and interactive programming. From interactive sessions with AAMI staff, main stage speakers, and expert panels to live demos and how-to from industry sponsors, it is going to be a jam-packed event.


When will the virtual event take place?

Participating in a virtual event is different than traveling to a conference. While the weekend is a great time for a live event, it’s not so great for a virtual event. Therefore, we are planning to run our virtual event from 11am to 5pm eastern, Monday June 7th through Friday June 11th. Content will also be recorded for easy access throughout the year, so even if you can only make it part of the day each day you won’t miss a thing!


Will there be a fee for participating in the virtual event?

Yes, conducting a virtual event – especially like the one we are planning – requires a significant investment in technology and vendor support, as well as a great deal of staff time. However, registration fees will be lower than they were for the in-person event. Given that you will also be able to avoid hotel and travel expenses, this year’s event will offer a great return on investment. Registration fees can be found HERE.


Will I be able to attain the continuing education units (CEUs) for my certification by attending the virtual event?

Yes, attendees earn up to 15 continuing education credits without paying for travel expenses or taking time away from work and home.


Who do I contact with any additional questions?

For AAMI Exchange attendees and speakers, please contact Fred Moxley at fmoxley@aami.org.
For exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers, please contact Sarah Driver at sdriver@aami.org.
For general questions, please contact Sherrie Schulte at sschulte@aami.org.