October 5 - 6, 2010

2010 Infusion Summit ReportThe first of the AAMI/FDA summits, this event dealt with the many reports of adverse incidents involving infusion devices. Setting the tone for future summits, the gathering encouraged and elicited frank and intelligent debate and discourse from a variety of experts, including medical device manufacturers, clinicians, regulators, healthcare technology management professionals, and academics. Together, the diverse group identified the many challenges associated with the use of infusion devices and offered their insights on how to improve their safety.

The Clarion Themes, as detailed in the summit publication, are:

  1. Standardize systems and processes for reporting, aggregating, and analyzing infusion device incidents.
  2. Improve the integration of infusion devices with information systems and drug libraries.
  3. Mitigate use errors with infusion devices.
  4. Improve management of multiple infusions.
  5. Reconcile challenges and differences in the use environments of infusion devices.

Summit Resources