October 2 - 3, 2012

2012 Interoperability Summit

The advancement and availability of new technology, coupled with a growing number of serious public health concerns and adverse patient events in which interoperability issues have been a root caused, spurred this two-day summit. Many events, publications, and conversations have focused on the information side of what technology can do. Up till now, little attention has been focused on the device side of connectivity, especially as it relates to patient safety.

At the summit, a diverse group of healthcare and industry professionals contributed to the vision for of true interoperability—and how it can be made possible.

The Clarion Themes, as detailed in a free PDF report on the summit, are:

  1. Standardize to achieve success.
  2. Align incentives, expectations, roles, and responsibilities.
  3. Drive patient safety with a systems approach to design and implementation.
  4. Focus on human behavior first.
  5. Improve regulatory clarity.
  6. Streamline clinical workflow to improve return on investment.
  7. Remove barriers with shared, continuous learning.

Summit Resources