September 16 - 17, 2014

There are a host of crucial challenges assorted with the use of ventilators, including varied and inconsistent terminology, and insufficient training for healthcare professionals. Experts at this summit—coming from hospitals, industry, academia, the user community, and the FDA—tackled these issues and more, looking for ways to enhance the safety and effectiveness of ventilator technology.

A report, still in development, will summarize the presentations and discussions, and offer a vision for how the development and use of ventilator technology can be improved. The Clarion Themes in that report are:

  1. Create and champion standardized terminology for ventilator technology.
  2. Gain consensus on biocompatibility expectations.
  3. Strengthen clinical and technology competencies.
  4. Advance device and system integration.
  5. Simplify ventilator technology to enhance its usability and the value of its clinical information.
  6. Embrace strong and transparent cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among all stakeholders.

Summit Resources