October 9, 2013

Home Healthcare Summit Report 2013Healthcare technology no longer is limited to just hospitals. Increasingly, it is moving into homes and other nonclinical locations—making it possible to reduce hospital costs and increase patient comfort and convenience. However, there are risks and challenges to consider as this technology is placed in nonclinical environments, into the hands of individuals who are not medical professionals.

The two-day event brought together leaders from the medical device industry and regulatory bodies, clinicians from healthcare institutions, researchers, and others to identify, discuss, and formulate strategic initiatives and priorities focused on ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical technology in nonclinical settings. The summit illuminated many impediments to safe, effective healthcare outside of hospitals. The approaches that work well in robust hospital infrastructures, with well-trained professionals, fall short in highly variable nonclinical settings.

The Clarion Themes, as detailed in a free PDF report on the summit, are:

  1. Deepen all stakeholders’ understanding of use environments—and their remarkable variability.
  2. Coordinate multiple and recurring transitions in care to improve patient safety.
  3. Adopt a systems approach—encompassing people, workflows, therapies, technology, and payment—to redesign the full spectrum of healthcare in nonclinical settings.
  4. Standardize and simplify.
  5.  Design with empathy.

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